Wreck This Journal : Everywhere

So recently i’ve been eyeing myself for something creative to do and been itching to do something to keep myself busy throughout the day. Then one day when browsing in Borders (one of a bookstore in Malaysia) as usual i went to notebook parts and as usual getting some more books to ‘keep’ my eye catch ‘Wreck This Journal’ have you guys heard of it? i’ve heard of it but comes none of my intention to own nor to know what the heck was that book for. so i snatched one and peek a look inside, its rather interesting. i can’t recall the price that time but there were two of them there and  one was a normal size and the other was pocket edition one. 

this is how the book looks like

It was a really interesting book and all but i thought it was too expensive so i let it go. But that thing is the thing that comes to my mind that i really have to own, to possessed  the book. every day and night i keep thinking and wondering of how wonderful to smudge, and destroy the book (the motto of the book itself was  “to own is to destroy”)

Without me knowing, i was eligible to receive BR1M amounting MYR 250, so i hit Popular bookstore but sadly there was only 2 units of the book left in pocket edition everywhere. But its okay, at least i still own one. So reaching home excitedly reach out for my pencil color and water color, hopefully i will share some of my creativeness soon.

and this is my first hand smudge on part of the page 

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