It has been since forever i left my blog a virgin, untouched. i recall all my posts that i wrote since 2011, it was irrelevant and immature writing, so off to the dustbin to go! since it’s 2015 a lot has been going on and i can’t barely believe that i am 22. yup 22. i felt like it was only yesterday i’ve finished my SPM examination, taking MUET tests, driving lesson and even entering colleges. but i have come to realisation that i am only 10 months away of finishing my degree in accountancy. how time flies.

So i am going to start blogging again, finger crossed! (hope i can manage my time for writting) but as you can see i have lost several capabilities to redecorate my blog (well that may take me some time) but i promised myself will fixed it in no time. 

A lot of new ideas, tips and tricks, journey of my life and makeup tips or hauls that i wanted to share, stay tuned and if you want to chat or share me some advice feel free to contact me through 

imessage/email: niena.aziz@icloud.com

sorry i am not a better looking person >.< 

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