Permata Yang Hilang 3

10:50 PM

After several months, we are like besties. He is someone i can lame text, and get a lame reply too.

The Agreement.

We can be lovers, we can be friend, we can be bestfriend. We can be everything we want to be.
But one thing. Come clean.

If he found the one, be frank and so do i.

And i am very ok with what we agree on.

But i screwed.

I notice he changed. Its almost 3 weeks but i remain silent.
Until one day.
I posted 3 quotes the night before.


The morning call i gave him every morning. He asked me to stop.
He told me he have to get used of phone alarm, When he is at the sea. No one can give him a wakeup call.

He stop calling me baby. I don't know why, maybe he is uncomfortable, i dont know.  I don't even tell him this.

He respond to my text not as often although i know he read it. This gets me the most. Because this what i do to people i am not interested in texting. Can i force him to text me? NO. But i am really offended by this. (Karma hits back)

He no longer ask me out for a movie. Tapi takkan kita nak paksa dia keluar dengan kita kan? Maybe there are someone he is more comfortable with.

He text other people a lot when we met. I told him once, and he change and now he's back at it. I remain silent. Its his right, but its rude. Its your time with me, just for a couple of hour, give me your attention.

The next day...

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