Permata Yang Hilang 2

10:49 PM

What keep me attracted to you?


Everytime i saw the smile and the gesture, it melts me. But you will never know this was my favorite.

Hadirnya dirimu membawa seribu makna.
He was there, when i was sad.
He was there, when i am happy.
He was there, when i am confused to make decision.
And he was there, making me a person who think wise.
He make me a better person, and even my parents notice the changes in me.
How better i am from before.

How I know the real him.

One day i asked him, how can a person be so happy without worries, without sadness only laughter and happiness around.

And that is when it all started. I get to know him more and more and he open up more and more each day.
I understand how he feel, i know everything. I know AR and i know MM.

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