Pandora : 92.5% Silver Luxury Jewelry

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Have you heard about this bracelet? Pandora, yup its a silver 92.5 and its a viral. it comes out after the brand Thomas Sabo and Tiffany and co. If you are a fan of silver you will definitely know Pandora. How to own a Pandora? You can always buy at their boutique, there are various of charms to choose from and their latest design are Essence, well i did not buy it as ‘my time is over’ what do i mean by that? well, let just take it this way. there are times where me, my mom and my sister are too obsessed with Pandora that we want to own every single charm until our bracelet is full and own another bracelet and just in time the Essence launched out excitement is over.

So basically to be a ‘Pandorarian’ that what we Pandora Lovers called ourselves, first of all you need to have a bracelet. the basic silver normal bracelet cost MYR 295 and ranging from size 16cm to 23cm if i was not mistaken. Then the journey begin. when you have the money keep adding a charm to your bracelet until its full. They joy is choosing the charm according to our theme. there are normal silver charm which are the cheapest around MYR 129, the there we charm with diamond (not real diamond but i don’t know how to call it) we called it ‘bling-bling charm’ ranging from MYR 395, then there were clip charm, murano ( glass charm-have color) and lastly safety chain.

for a basic i would say just buy a murano and a pair of clip charm. one said simple is better. right? but if you are obsessed for more, there are gold edition, this one not in my favor as the gold actually have no value for money compared to the 999 or 916 gold. but if you are a fan, it is not a problem.

me and my family have stop buying Pandora now, but we still wear out bracelet, me and my mom each have 3 full and my sister have 3 bracelet-half to full. if you want to spend smart, go for their promotion like Valentine’s promo, mother’s day promo, usually for every amount of purchase you will entitled a free something in return plus their LE boxes which was LE!

so here i share with you my collection

our Pandora boxes that we have collected!

all our three collection combined together (mom, me,sister)

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